Kitty latex

Patricia JC (Patri.jie) model in this post

“thanks for your kindness”

Collar – Good Kitty Collar (mint) @tsg

Bodysuit – Bad Bunny bodysuit (#01) by Addams @The Arcade

Boots – Bad Bunny Boots (#38) by Addams @The Arcade

Pose – Ready for a date armchair @Body Language

It's snack time!

When a snack is what it takes to make a breack (grin)

Victim – He is my lovely best friend Roby, thanks honey!


Bodysuit – Natre Black by Supernatural @The Nightmare Event 2016

Hair – Lab.013 & Mae .005 hair @BooN

Eye Makeup – Face Veins @Awear

Lips makeup – Tokyo fashion makeup for catwa @Studio Exposure

Eyes – Nightmare Eyes @Le Forme

Shoes – Kira Heels by Phedora@The Chapter4

Nail – Letal Talons @CX

Scene – spider Uncertain Smile Sorcerer2 @Uncertain Smile

Trap – Spiderweb trap Cocoon @Numinois

Pose – Demure @Indigo

Shooting location @My Studio

Just 5 minutes….and I'm ready..

It’s not easy, I have to choose the outfit, match the shoes .. my hair are fine? no .. these shoes are not good, I already wear a month ago .. uhm .. make up..ok I am ready ..only five minutes..


Mesh Head – Tumble mesh head @Catwa

Mesh Body – Lara Mesh Body @Maitreya

Face & Body applier – Cheyenne @L’etre

lipgloss – Tokyo makeup @S.E.

Eye glasses – Chamb Glasses by Zoom @TresChic

Hair – Vee (dark) @Little Bones

Sweater – Wrap Off Shoulder sweater (marron) @Ison

Pants – Lexie Pant (black) @Diram

Shoes – Doris Patent (rare) @ChicChica

Pose – Lipstick pose #5 @IOS


Side Table – Table with lace Lust Supreme Gachas (common) by Kks @The Crossroad

Cosmetic – Isabelle Cosmetic Decor @Whatnext

Vase with flower – Nardya’s tulips in Mason Jar @Applefall

LIngerie on floor – Sexy Shoes On The Floor 2 (Black Lingerie)@Xpress

Newspaper – Lust Supreme gachas – Newspaper (common) by Kks @The Crossroad

Daybed – Lust Supreme gachas – daybed Adult (rare) by Kks @The Crossroad

Pots – Lust Supreme gachas 3 pots (common) by Kks @The Crossroad

Chandelier – Lust Supreme gachas Chandelier (common) by Kks @The Crossroad

Divider Screen& mirror – from Arcade gacha september 2016 @Birdy

Curtains – Lace Curtains @Kalopsia

Are you ready for trick or treat?

So, was it? Hocus Pocus .. um .. no .. Abracadabra? Let me think .. .. Salagadoola no..ooh shit! if I find those who have messed up my notes … grr


Mesh Head – Mesh Head Tumble @Catwa

Mesh Body – Mesh Body Lara @Maitreya

eyes – fem mesh eyes @Euphoric

makeup – The Witching Hour (RARE #12) by Vilecult @SALEM

Hair & Dress – Giselle Mesh Dress w/hood (black) & Giselle hair (essential) by Addams&Besom

Horn – Devil Horn (RARE)@Blueberry

shoes – Doris Patent (RARE) by ChicChica

Flame – Flame trail (attachment for hands) @Frio’s


Vase – Pumpikin Vase (silver) COMMON by David Heather @SALEM

Table – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Arachnoid Endtable – COMMON @SALEM

Candle – JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: White Candles – COMMON @SALEM

Bookcase – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Salem Book Shelf – COMMON @SALEM

Cauldron – Bloody Cauldron @Boudoir

Pose – Flamelia pose @L.Pearl

Shooting Location @my studio no SLurl

The Phantom of the Opera


Mesh Head – Destiny @Catwa

Mesh Body – Lara @Maitreya

Face & Body Applier – Liu (medium) @Bold&Beauty

makeup & vein – face vein , lips and eyes @Awear

Mask – Te end mask (silver) @ since1975

hair – true @littlebones

Gloves – Cosy Long Gloves (black) @Zenith

Corset – Lacey Corset (with hud color) by Zombie Suicide @TWE12VE

Panties – Victoria Panties @Dead Dollz

Boots – Lydia for Maitreya @Phedora

I feel strange…


Mesh Head – Destiny @Catwa

Mesh Body – Lara Mesh Body @Maitreya

Face &body Applier – Sabrina (catwa Applier milk) by Wow Skin @TWE12VE

eyliner & lashes – Venus @Euphoric

Headpiece – Vanleen Snow (head white) @Bauhaus

necklace – Simone Pendant by Sevyn East @TWE12VE

Dress – Simone Dress (white/gold) by Sevyn East @TWE12VE

arms – Kali arms @Aii