Sexy Zulaiya Santa Suit – Bra/Panties/Hat/GarterLegacy [ Classic – Perky ] Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ]Hud with 37 TexturesSingle Items available ‘One Textures’ + Hud 37 Textures Bows Pantie and BraFull Options in FatPackby LSR @ FAMESHED Xmas Mug @ LyriumOff Shoulder Cardigan @ TETRARomantic Christmas / Shelf / RARE @ LEMMEShine like aContinua a leggere “🎅34🎄”


Sexy Nadya Suit Fatpack Exclusive for Tannenbaum 2021Top/Denim Shorts/Socks (Boots included at Big Fatpack) Hud Textures 70 Top TextureFull Options in FatPack at Big FatpackTextures/Solid and Patterns/65 Denim TexturesLegacy [ Classic – Perky ] Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ]By LSR @ Tannenbaum 2021 Taylah Hair @ MOONChristmas Light @ CANDY CRUNCHESXMas Candy Pose @Continua a leggere “ღ31ღ”


Sexy Fedora Suit Fatpack (Legacy Classic & Perky, Maitreya Lara & Petite)Corset and Panties[Boots Included at Big Fatpack and Fatpack Separately]Hud 70 Textures Leather/Shine 4 Metallic TexturesSingle Items available ‘ONE TEXTURE With Hud 35 Straps 4 Metalsby LSR @ KINKY Avalon head @ LELUTKAPenny Skin V2 @ PEPE SKINRio Hair @ WASABISnow Daiquiri @ CHICCHICAMelanieContinua a leggere “ღ28ღ”


Sexy Narkissa Suit Fatpack – Sweater/Shirt/Socks [Boots includes at Big Fatpack – Fatpack Boots Separately ]70 Sweater textures Solid and Vector – 70 Shirt Textures Solid and Plaids for Legacy [Classic – Perky ] Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ]Single Items available ‘TWO TEXTURE’Full Options in FatPack by LSR MODA @ BEAUTY EVENT Aya PoseContinua a leggere “ღEli25ღ”


Sexy Cindy Suit Shirt/Leggins[Shoes Included in Big Fatpack and Fatpack Separately]Hud 35 Textures Legacy [Classic – Perky ] Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ]Single Items available ‘One Textures’Included Hud 35 Bow TexturesFull Options in FatPack at Big Fatpackby LSR MODA @ UNIK Lyra Puffer Jacket @ OSMIACash Chain Wallet @ MOVEMENTMode Eyeglasses @ DAVID HEATHERK1108Continua a leggere “ღEli21ღ”


Sexy Desdemona Witch Suit & Hat (Maitreya, Legacy, Perky, Petite) 35 solid Textures/15 Plaids Textures Single Items available ‘ONE TEXTURE ‘ Full Options in FatPack at The Big Fatpackby LSR @ TRES CHIC Boots Sexy Bat Woman included in Big Fatpack Sexy Desdemona and Fatpack Separately by LSR @ TRES CHIC Karakurt nails @ TRIGGEREDVanillaContinua a leggere “ღEli13ღ”